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Choleslo – For Better Healthy Heart

An unhealthy lifestyle and improper eating habits lead to high cholesterol levels in men and women across all age groups. Choleslo is a natural way to handle the cholesterol problem. It’s ingredients are not harmful and do not create any kind of dependency because it is made up of organic contents along with minerals and vitamins. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should consume a lot of water after taking this pill. This pill does not cause any side effects but you should make sure that you buy these pills from the official website because substitutes might cause allergies. The dosage includes taking two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening but you should consult a doctor just to be sure. Alongside taking these pills you should also exercise to reduce cholesterol levels in a quick fashion.

Overall heart health and not just cholesterol

 What this pill also takes care of is the homocysteine level which is also an indicator of heart problems. How this pill controls this heart disease factor is by inclusion of essential B-vitamins (Vitamin B9, 6 and 12) in its formula. Not only has this but the formula also helped clean liver because it contains Milk thistle and NAC. It contains turmeric which helps with inflammation and it regulates blood sugar because it contains (ALA+r) and last but not the least this pill help lowering of triglycerides.

The manufacturers laid the concerns to rest

 The industry was concerned because the formula contained red yeast rice which created a harmful by product called citrinin which lead to damage to liver but the concern was laid to rest by the manufacturers by removing citrinin from  the formula and now the product is safe to use.

It is a safe and natural way to take care of the overall health of your heart.

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