Is Divorce possible without a divorce attorney?

Well, some people in their financial crisis try to save money on hiring San Antonio divorce attorneys to resolve their divorce case. Ideally, this is not the right solution as do not take risk of handling a sensitive case like divorce without hiring San Antonio divorce attorneys as you may land up in trouble.

When couple opt for a divorce they try to save money by not approaching a divorce attorney. Yes, the fees of the attorney can be expensive, but it is better to protect your assets and yourself by selecting a divorce attorney to fight your case.

In case a divorce case moves ahead without a divorce attorney, it could lead to problems in judgement and may end up in injustice to both the parties. Now that is going to be more expensive isn’t?

When the couples think of resolving the case with an agreement on their own, they come up with an agreement that seems to be working and fair for both parties. After this they approach the law for final judgment and many cases both the parties commit mistakes due to lack of knowledge about divorce law.

Mistakes happen

Once a mistake happens it is not easy to rectify it or modify it. Once an agreement is created between both parties by their mutual consent, after final judgement even the court cannot modify it until and unless both the parties agree to modify it and sometimes both the parties may have different opinions even after final judgement is given. This lands both the parties into trouble.

When mistakes are revealed or unrevealed

In case the mistake arises that is revealed or unrevealed, it could take a long time to modify the final judgement. The mistake can be modified only if it’s mutual. This happens only in cases where both the parties agreed upon the similar condition but it was included due to an error.